Progeco obtains AEO certification

On December 20, 2022, Progeco Bilbao has obtained the AEO certification from Customs.

This new certification adds to the rest of the certifications that Progeco Bilbao already had to date and reinforces its objective of being the leading company in the port of Bilbao, providing confidence to its customers, suppliers and workers.

In addition to OEA, Progeco Bilbao –a company founded in 1985– has ISO 9001, ISO 154001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

Progeco expands its facilities with a new concession on quay A-2

Progeco Bilbao strengthens its commitment to the port of Bilbao, with a new 14,369 m² concession on quay A-2, which to date it used for administrative authorization. With this new extension, Progeco increases the space on which it operates in the port of Bilbao to 105,000 m² distributed among the areas ZAD-1, ZAD-2, ZAD-3, AZ-1 and A-2.


Since 1985, Progeco has offered basic container services, logistics storage and freight transport in Bilbao for clients from the entire industrial and commercial spectrum. The container base occupies 25,000 m², and it provides container storage and repair services to the main shipping companies, for which it has specialized machinery that allows it to store containers at 6 heights. In addition, it has the necessary facilities and means for storage and repair of refrigeration equipment (it is the only dealer in the north of Spain for Carrier, Thermo King, Starcool and Daikin).

In the logistics storage area, also located at the base of ZAD-3 in the port of Bilbao, it has 25,000 m² to store palletized merchandise. Within this area, the space dedicated to perishable products stands out, totaling 9,000 m² distributed in two chambers for 4,000 and 3,000 pallets respectively. This area also has another 1,000 m² at a controlled temperature for the transfer of perishable products.

In addition to the 60,000 m2 of the concession in the ZAD3, Progeco operates other facilities to which have now been added the 14,000 m² of the A-2 that allow it to reach 105,000 m2.

Progeco Bilbao also has the companies Vinatrans and Rontegui for the road transport activity, which have a fleet of 85 trucks.

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Quay A-2

Quay A-2

Fully committed with the environment

Progeco Bilbao is ISO 14001 certified since 2012. ISO 14001 is an international standard that certifies that the company has adopted a series of measures aimed at reducing the impact of its activity on the environment and that it complies with regulations/legislation existing in environmental matters.

Comprometidos con el medio ambiente

In 2021 and in line with this commitment, Progeco has launched a project whose main objective is the decarbonisation of its activity (reduction of the carbon footprint that its activity generates on the planet), certifying it by obtaining the AGREED seal issued by the European CO2 Foundation (ECO2F).

There are two levels of certification:

  • CAGREED 2030 The AGREED 2030 level certifies that the entities have carried out the measurements and implemented the CO2 reduction measures established by the European Union for the year 2030.
  • CO2 NEUTRAL The CO2 NEUTRAL level, certifies that the entities have completed all the steps in measurement, reduction and compensation of all their CO2 emissions.

Progeco has carried out an audit to first quantify the carbon footprint generated by its activity and then it has adopted a series of measures that will allow it to obtain said certification. These measures are added to those already adopted by the company in 2020, among which the following stand out:

  • CONSUMPTION CONTROL: Installation of energy consumption monitoring systems.
  • GENERATION OF CLEAN ENERGIES: Installation of a clean energy generation system (photovoltaic) for self-consumption.
  • DECARBONIZATION: Launch of a project to calculate, reduce and/or offset the carbon footprint and obtain the AGREED certification from the European CO2 Foundation.
  • LED LIGHTING: Transition to LED and smart lighting that will end in 2021.
  • MACHINERY: Replacement of the oldest and most polluting machinery with machinery with emission reduction systems (EURO6).
  • FLEET REPLACEMENT: Plan to replace the oldest and most polluting truck fleet with a fleet with emission reduction systems (EURO6).

Contribution of the clean energy generation system in the period 05/2020 - 05/2021:

Enviromental Benefits

  • 60.59 tons Standard coal saved
  • 151.02 tons CO2 avoided
  • 8.253 tons Equivalent trees planted

Energy Yields

  • 151.50 MWh Total yield
  • 189.54 KWh CO2Yield today
  • 4.86 MWh CO2Yield this month
  • 4.86 MWh CO2Yield this year

New ENEEK certificate as a marketer of Organic Agricultural Products

The Council of Agriculture and Ecological Food of Euskadi or ENEEK, certifies that Progeco Bilbao is registered in the register of operators of Ecological Agricultural Production of Euskadi with the number 2242 in the commercialization section, with the Activity of distribution of Ecological food products (Sweet corn).

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Renewal of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certifications

At PROGECO Bilbao, S.A., we he have renewed our ISO certifications and continue committed to Total Quality and zero risk. In 2003 we were the first warehouse and container depot in the Basque Country to certify the Quality of our Management Systems in accordance with the requirements established by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Standard.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management

The ISO 9001 Standard allows us to have clearly defined and follow the suitable work systems required to obtain maximum quality in the product or service offered; all this with a clear philosophy of improvement at all moments and with the final goal of achieving customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management

The implementation of an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 Standard proves our commitment to the environment, as the aim is to minimise environmental risks, by managing at all moments all the possible impacts that our activity could have, and to comply with the current environmental regulation. Its implementation gives us the necessary credibility before the authorities, clients and society in general.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Certification

Having a Management System for Occupational Health and Safety based on the ISO 45001 Standard allows us to identify, prioritise and manage occupational health and risks present on a daily basis. Thus, we are able to eliminate or minimise risks for our employees, our clients or any other parties that we may expose to any danger in relation with the services that we provide.


Certifications (PDF)

Renewal of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications

At PROGECO Bilbao, S.A., we he have renewed our ISO certifications and continue committed to Total Quality and zero risk. In 2003 we were the first warehouse and container depot in the Basque Country to certify the Quality of our Management Systems in accordance with the requirements established by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standard.

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Progeco Bilbao sets in motion its new container depot in the Area of Storage and Distribution No. 3.

On April 1, Progeco set in motion the new depot in the Area of Storage and Distribution No. 3 as part of its 56,000-m2 concession.

Within Progeco’s strategic plan, one of its main decisions is to concentrate all of its activity in said concession, in such a way that it can better manage resources.

The main new development is the replacement of traditional transverse reach stackers for longitudinal ones, which is an innovative system. For this purpose, Progeco has developed a new computer management system of its own that will enable it to adapt the use of this type of machinery.

Progeco Bilbao is the only depot that can operate with 6 heights with this type of machinery, which significantly optimise space and considerably reduce the removal of containers. In Progeco Bilbao's case there is an added complexity: most of the equipment used is larger in size than normal (20' and 40' hc/pw and 45' hw reefer), for which tailor-made machinery has been manufactured.

New Documentation online service for customers

Progeco Bilbao launched on 1/05/2017 a new online service for its customers that will enable them to monitor in real time their loads in Progeco. Its customers will be able to check the following information:

  • Arrival and departure times of lorries
  • Status of different jobs
  • Composition of packing lists, etc.

Any merchandise received at Progeco is identified by means of a bar code, and customers are able to check the real status of their loads (in terms of bundles).

 Once all the operations have been completed, all the related information is made available (photographs,delivery notes, etc.).

Desfibrillator installation: Cardio Space

As stated on its OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate, Progeco Bilbao is fully committed to the safety and health of workers and any other persons that pass through its installations every day.

In line with this commitment:

  • defibrillation equipment has been installed in the Reception area of Progeco’s offices in ZAD3 
  • the certification of Progeco Bilbao as a cardio space is being applied for