Progeco Bilbao sets in motion its new container depot in the Area of Storage and Distribution No. 3.

On April 1, Progeco set in motion the new depot in the Area of Storage and Distribution No. 3 as part of its 56,000-m2 concession.

Within Progeco’s strategic plan, one of its main decisions is to concentrate all of its activity in said concession, in such a way that it can better manage resources.

The main new development is the replacement of traditional transverse reach stackers for longitudinal ones, which is an innovative system. For this purpose, Progeco has developed a new computer management system of its own that will enable it to adapt the use of this type of machinery.

Progeco Bilbao is the only depot that can operate with 6 heights with this type of machinery, which significantly optimise space and considerably reduce the removal of containers. In Progeco Bilbao's case there is an added complexity: most of the equipment used is larger in size than normal (20' and 40' hc/pw and 45' hw reefer), for which tailor-made machinery has been manufactured.