III Linde Safety Open Day

Progeco Bilbao participates in the III Linde Safety Open day organised in Barcelona.

Extension of the concession by the Bilbao Port Authority

On July 14th, the Bilbao Port Authority granted Progeco Bilbao an extension of its concession for the Area of Storage and Distribution No. 3 in 24,023 square meters. The resulting plot will have a total of:

According to the strategic plan, Progeco Bilbao is expected to extend its current industrial premises in at least 4,000 square meters in the short term.

The rest of the spaces shall be designed and dimensioned in accordance with the market's evolution.

Celebration of the 30th anniversary

The 30th anniversary of Progeco Bilbao gathered its shareholding companies (MacAndrews, Progeco España, Noatum Marmedsa, Vasco Catalana, A. Pérez y Cías., Transcoma, and Marítima Euroship) and the Bilbao Port Authority.

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