Progeco Bilbao sets in motion a repair shop for reefers

Progeco Bilbao has set in motion in its facilities at ZAD3 a new workshop exclusively dedicated to repairing damages made to the box and structure of reefers that pass through the port of Bilbao.

Progeco Bilbao is the only dealer among the main manufacturers established in Bilbao and the north of Spain. It is also a member of ARCE: an association that groups container depots and repairers in Spain.

To this day, it has relied on several teams of reefer engineers that provided a 24-hour maintenance and repair service, 365 days a year.

Until these facilities were set in motion, the shipping companies whose reefers presented damages to the box and/or the structure had to block them and send them to other ports in the north of Europe for repair.

“These reefers are basically large refrigerators/freezers that are frequently damaged during the loading and unloading of ships and lorries.”

From now on, any reefer that passes through the port of Bilbao and has to be repaired can leave in perfect running conditions, "which is how the shipping companies want their equipment. This way, they avoid any additional costs arising from having to transfer them empty to other ports, as well as other costs related to not being able to use them while being repaired."

Up to this date, no company has offered this service in the north of Spain, and, therefore, these facilities/services will be offered to the main shipping companies that operate in Bilbao's dock. Many of them have already shown great interest.

MacAndrews, the flagship of Short Sea Shipping's activity, is a CMA-CGM group company that currently owns the largest fleet of 45-foot reefers, and it has already confirmed that it wants to be a prominent customer in these facilities, as Bilbao is one of the main European hubs in which MacAndrews carries out its Intermodal activity.