Fully committed with the environment

Progeco Bilbao is ISO 14001 certified since 2012. ISO 14001 is an international standard that certifies that the company has adopted a series of measures aimed at reducing the impact of its activity on the environment and that it complies with regulations/legislation existing in environmental matters.

Comprometidos con el medio ambiente

In 2021 and in line with this commitment, Progeco has launched a project whose main objective is the decarbonisation of its activity (reduction of the carbon footprint that its activity generates on the planet), certifying it by obtaining the AGREED seal issued by the European CO2 Foundation (ECO2F).

There are two levels of certification:

  • CAGREED 2030 The AGREED 2030 level certifies that the entities have carried out the measurements and implemented the CO2 reduction measures established by the European Union for the year 2030.
  • CO2 NEUTRAL The CO2 NEUTRAL level, certifies that the entities have completed all the steps in measurement, reduction and compensation of all their CO2 emissions.

Progeco has carried out an audit to first quantify the carbon footprint generated by its activity and then it has adopted a series of measures that will allow it to obtain said certification. These measures are added to those already adopted by the company in 2020, among which the following stand out:

  • CONSUMPTION CONTROL: Installation of energy consumption monitoring systems.
  • GENERATION OF CLEAN ENERGIES: Installation of a clean energy generation system (photovoltaic) for self-consumption.
  • DECARBONIZATION: Launch of a project to calculate, reduce and/or offset the carbon footprint and obtain the AGREED certification from the European CO2 Foundation.
  • LED LIGHTING: Transition to LED and smart lighting that will end in 2021.
  • MACHINERY: Replacement of the oldest and most polluting machinery with machinery with emission reduction systems (EURO6).
  • FLEET REPLACEMENT: Plan to replace the oldest and most polluting truck fleet with a fleet with emission reduction systems (EURO6).

Contribution of the clean energy generation system in the period 05/2020 - 05/2021:

Enviromental Benefits

  • 60.59 tons Standard coal saved
  • 151.02 tons CO2 avoided
  • 8.253 tons Equivalent trees planted

Energy Yields

  • 151.50 MWh Total yield
  • 189.54 KWh CO2Yield today
  • 4.86 MWh CO2Yield this month
  • 4.86 MWh CO2Yield this year