Progeco expands its facilities with a new concession on quay A-2

Progeco Bilbao strengthens its commitment to the port of Bilbao, with a new 14,369 m² concession on quay A-2, which to date it used for administrative authorization. With this new extension, Progeco increases the space on which it operates in the port of Bilbao to 105,000 m² distributed among the areas ZAD-1, ZAD-2, ZAD-3, AZ-1 and A-2.


Since 1985, Progeco has offered basic container services, logistics storage and freight transport in Bilbao for clients from the entire industrial and commercial spectrum. The container base occupies 25,000 m², and it provides container storage and repair services to the main shipping companies, for which it has specialized machinery that allows it to store containers at 6 heights. In addition, it has the necessary facilities and means for storage and repair of refrigeration equipment (it is the only dealer in the north of Spain for Carrier, Thermo King, Starcool and Daikin).

In the logistics storage area, also located at the base of ZAD-3 in the port of Bilbao, it has 25,000 m² to store palletized merchandise. Within this area, the space dedicated to perishable products stands out, totaling 9,000 m² distributed in two chambers for 4,000 and 3,000 pallets respectively. This area also has another 1,000 m² at a controlled temperature for the transfer of perishable products.

In addition to the 60,000 m2 of the concession in the ZAD3, Progeco operates other facilities to which have now been added the 14,000 m² of the A-2 that allow it to reach 105,000 m2.

Progeco Bilbao also has the companies Vinatrans and Rontegui for the road transport activity, which have a fleet of 85 trucks.

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Quay A-2

Quay A-2