Progeco Bilbao together with UNIPORT act as consultants for those shipping from the Port of Bilbao

Progeco Bilbao collaborates with UNIPORT providing advice to those shipping from the area of influence of the Port of Bilbao on how to export their production in containers

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If technological development and innovation allow packing any machine/part regardless of how complicated they are to pack, the standardisation that the container represented just over 50 years ago has enabled many companies, whose products are traditionally transported by calculating their cubic meters, to diversify their markets (the capillarity of transportation in containers is one of its great values) and, at the same time, sell small consignments; for instance, large pipes (12 m), spare parts for industrial installations, reinforcing bars or coils in special pallets.

In this sense, goods that were previously ordered in large quantities are now, due to the crisis, sold in smaller amounts, and in these cases, containers, lorries or lorries with trailers are being used.

In order to organise the securing operations, there are companies, such as Progeco Bilbao, whose responsible parties highlight the great value provided by a correct securing of the load, "because we have a great responsibility in the logistics chain". This company accommodates in containers from sailing boats to light aircraft. "We are able to introduce any type of good in any type of container and, in this activity, innovation plays a significant role. For example, we put very large pipes in a container and send the tools to destination so they can subsequently extract the pipes. Sometimes, we travel to the destination (United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Belgium...) and show them how to undo what we do because it has a specific technique and a mistake can damage the goods", they say.

For other loads, those that are palletised, we recommend the correct loading of the container by making the most of the standard measurement of pallets and the different types of containers that the shipping companies offer, as well as proceed to secure the transport by means of lashing with airbags. "It is important —they explain— to realise that the cost of these operations is minimal compared to the importance of maintaining the load secure during transportation and the responsibility that is acquired as a result".

In short, simple techniques, but very well studied, that allow delivering by sea any type of goods, from iron and steel products to, for instance, pianos or glass plates.

Progeco Bilbao has collaborated with UNIPORT in the process of containerization of loads.